Several regional governors want to limit mass events as epidemic worsens

Officials representing the Region of Moravia-Silesia are planning on asking the region’s hygiene station to limit mass events, after a record 3,056 tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday, the Czech News Agency reports. Several cities in the region, including Ostrava, have already announced that they will, for example, place limits on how many people can attend Christmas markets.

The news comes a day after the Governor of the neighbouring Zlín Region announced similar limitations on social gatherings for a period of at least two weeks on Tuesday.

Moravia is currently the most affected part of the Czech Republic in the ongoing epidemic wave.

Later on Wednesday, the Governor of South Bohemia Martin Kuba called on the public, especially older people, to significantly limit social contact during the next 10 days. He also suggested that individual districts in the region should limit the organisation of Christmas events and suggested that the government prepare a on limiting mass events in general.

Author: Tom McEnchroe