Seven people charged in connection with graft sweep

High State Attorney Ivo Ištvan on Friday confirmed that seven people have been charged in connection with the anti-graft operation that began on Wednesday evening. Among them are Jana Nagyová, the prime minister’s chief of staff who has been charged with abuse of office, the present and former heads of the country's military intelligence and two former Civic Democrat MPs charged with bribery and money laundering. It was also confirmed that Jana Nagyová is involved in the web of corruption having commissioned the country’s military intelligence to spy on three persons, including the prime minister’s wife. She is also linked to the corruption charges leveled against the two former MPs. According to the news server, the police is also looking into the prime minister because he allegedly offered the three "rebel" Civic Democratic MPs, two of who have already been charged, attractive positions in government-run institutions in exchange for their help in passing the government's reform package last fall.

The seven people who have been charged were brought from Prague to the courthouse detention in Ostrava on Friday evening, where their bail hearings will be held.

Author: Masha Volynsky