Senate wants to scrap law that forces big stores to close on public holidays

The Senate has moved to scrap a law according to which large retail outlets must remain closed on selected public holidays. The proposal was included in an amendment to the law which will now go back to the Chamber of Deputies.

The lower house previously rejected a similar proposal including a proposal for the ban to be extended to all public holidays. The law, which went into force in 2016 bans outlets bigger than 200 square metres from selling goods on eight public holidays of the year, among the October 28, Christmas, Easter Monday and May 8.

It is still vehemently opposed by the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Trade and Tourism which says it discriminates large sales outlets.

The head of the Czech Business and Trade Association Marta Nováková says large retail stores lose billions of crowns in profits on each public holiday on which they are forced to close their doors.