Security tightened at nuclear facilities

At the same time, the State Office for Nuclear Safety tightened security measures at the Czech Republic's two nuclear power stations, Temelin and Dukovany. While Temelin was shut down on Monday for a planned check up, the reactor in Dukovany could be put off line if necessary. The Czech air defence has been monitoring the airspace above the Dukovany nuclear power station. The commander-in-chief of a nearby air base in Namest, said flights have been limited to a necessary minimum to ensure a clear view of the no-flight zone around the nuclear facility. Vladimir Tax has more.

The spokesman for the State Office for Nuclear Safety Pavel Pittermann:

"Necessary safety measures were adopted basically in the physical protection, it means the same measures as during the IMF session last year. A special emergency unit of Czech police was activated, both special and regular police units are monitoring the surroundings of both the nuclear power stations and airspace of both the plant is being monitored by the Czech army."

How long do you expect these measures to be in place?

"At the moment, we are waiting for further information and further procedures will be decided probably in a few days."

Are Czech nuclear power stations - or let's talk about Dukovany, because it is the only active nuclear power station now - is it in any way protected against fall of an aircraft?

"Only to a certain extent because no one can have expected such an terrorist attack and nobody can say what would happen in this case. The construction includes some measures, for example Dukovany is very safe against standard, normal military aircraft."