Schwarzenberg criticizes presidential amnesty

In related news, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, the chairman of coalition partner TOP 09 and candidate in the second round of the presidential election, has said he was shocked by the amnesty declared this month by Václav Klaus. Speaking in the lower house ahead of the vote of no confidence on Thursday, Mr Schwarzenberg made clear he was most concerned with article 2 of the amnesty, which affects unresolved criminal cases lasting eight years or longer. Mr Schwarzenberg said he learned of the amnesty only through the president’s televised speech on January 1 and criticized the prime minister for not fully informing the cabinet in advance; he suggested it was a sign of mistrust. Along with the vote of no confidence, the opposition is pushing a proposal that would express fundamental disagreement with the presidential amnesty.

Fellow presidential candidate Miloš Zeman (not a member of Parliament) has also come out against the amnesty.

Author: Jan Velinger