Safe whose explosion killed Palestinian ambassador frequently used: embassy spokesman

In related news, a spokesman for the Palestinian mission in Prague Nabil el-Fahel has denied a statement by the Palestinian foreign minister who said the safe that exploded at the embassy had not been used for more than 20 years. The spokesman said there were two safes at the embassy – the one which exploded had been used frequently for storing cash and various documents; the other safe, which has not been used for decades, was only opened by the Czech police after the explosion. The spokesman also said the safe had not been fitted with any explosive devises. The cause of the explosion is under investigation by the Czech police; its president, Martin Červíček, told reporters there were no indications the blast was a terrorist attack. The Czech Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, has expressed concern over the find of the weapons; its spokeswoman said diplomatic conventions could have been breached, adding that the ministry would demand an explanation from the Palestinian side.

Author: Jan Richter