Rusnok has ten ministers

Natural scientist and the head of research and development department at the education ministry, Dalibor Štys, will become the next education minister in the caretaker government of Prime Minister Designate Jiří Rusnok. Since being given the task of putting together a caretaker cabinet last Tuesday by President Zeman, Mr. Rusnok has secured 10 ministers, though key positions remain unfilled, including the posts of the minister of finance and minister of industry and trade. Mr. Rusnok is hoping he will complete the list of names by the end of the week, or Monday at the latest, so he can take it to the president next week for confirmation. His choices for ministers have been criticized on both sides of the aisle in the lower house of parliament, who say the technocrat cabinet is made up of friends of the president, not experts.

Author: Masha Volynsky