Rusnok defiant on Sunday Moravec talk show

Caretaker Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok said that he is not planning to include the currently existing position of deputy prime minister for the fight against corruption and the ministerial position of the head of the government’s legislative committee, which is occupied by Petr Mlsny. In the Sunday Czech Television talk show Questions of Vaclav Moravec, Mr. Rusnok admitted that he does not have enough support in parliament for his future cabinet, but said that there is enough time to negotiate with MPs. On the same program, deputy chairman of the TOP 09 party, Miroslav Kalousek, said that the only support that Mr. Rusnok’s government can hope for is from the Communist or the Public Affairs parties. At the same time, his counterpart from the Social Democratic party, Zdeněk Škromach, retorted that he is not sure that the right-wing partners Civic Democrats and TOP 09 will have the necessary 101 votes in the lower house to confirm their own government, in case Mr. Rusnok fails.

Author: Masha Volynsky