Robert Křesťan and Druhá Tráva – One of the best bluegrass bands to come out of the Czech Republic

Photo: EMI

Czech bluegrass has a tradition dating all the way back to the 1960s. But it took several decades before it was acknowledged in the land of its origin, the United States.

Robert Křesťan,  Druhá tráva | Photo: EMI
In this edition of Sunday Music, we’ll be playing one of the Czech Republic’s best-known bluegrass bands, one that has toured the US, headed by the great vocalist and banjo player Robert Křesťan.

The name of his legendary band is Druhá Tráva.

The album we’ll be hearing tracks off of is Pojd’me se napít (also the name of the title track and one of his most recognizable and best-known older tunes). In English, it means “Let’s go have a drink”.