Right-of-centre Civic Democrats dominate in municipal and Senate elections

The right-of-centre Civic Democratic Party led by Mirek Topolanek has dominated in both municipal and Senate elections held throughout the Czech Republic at the weekend, elections largely seen as the first important test for the right-of-centre party and others - predominantly the Social Democrats, the Christian Democrats, the Communists, and the Greens - after parliamentary elections proved inconclusive in June.

Among the large parties in the municipal elections the Civic Democrats won 30 percent of the overall vote - dominating in larger towns - especially the Czech capital where they won an outright majority. Second in the overall number of votes were the Social Democrats with 17 percent, the Communists with 12, the Christian Democrats with 8, and the Greens with 4.5.

The right-of-centre Civic Democrats also dominated in the first weekend of Senate races, with 26 out of a possible 27 candidates making it through to the second round. If 14 of their candidates succeed next Friday and Saturday, or as many as 22, the party could win a senate or even a constitutional majority.

Author: Jan Velinger