Reinfeldt confident that Klaus will sign Lisbon

The EU President, Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt has said he feels confident that Czech President Václav Klaus will complete ratification of the Lisbon treaty if he receives his desired opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Speaking at a news briefing, Mr Reinfeldt said that he was currently working with Czechs at various levels to see that the exemption is made. Swedish media reported on Wednesday that the statement was based on a recent conversation between Mr Reinfelt and Mr Klaus. The Czech President at the weekend admitted for the first time that Lisbon ratification was probably unstoppable.

In order for the EU reform treaty to take effect if must be ratified by each of the 27 EU states. The eurosceptic Czech President not yet signed it, and recently conditioned his endorsement on an exemption similar to the ones received by Poland and the UK. Mr Klaus says he is concerned that without such an exemption, the post-WWII Beneš Decrees expelling German property owners from Czechoslovakia could be ruled on by EU courts.