Recording concerning rival firm “manipulation”, says Babiš

A new anonymously released recording appears to show ANO chief Andrej Babiš saying “his people” had put pressure on a company that ended up in bankruptcy. On the tape a voice resembling that of Mr. Babiš says that the Financial Administration (tax authority) had taken action against a company named FAU that owned a fuel depot on the grounds of Precheza, a firm owned by Agrofert, which at the time belonged to Mr. Babiš. Hospodářské noviny wrote last week that Prechaza wanted to buy the depot but FAU refused to sell.

Mr. Babiš was minister of finance so had ultimate authority over the Financial Administration when it took action against FAU in a move later ruled unlawful by a court. The politician told Czech Radio on Sunday that the tape was “manipulation”.

Previous leaked recordings of the ANO leader released by the same anonymous source appeared to show him overseeing the release of information damaging to his political rivals via a newspaper he owned. Mr. Babiš described them as fake.

Author: Ian Willoughby