Record number of new Covid cases registered in Czechia on Tuesday

Tuesday saw 25,864 people test positive for the coronavirus, the largest number yet registered in a single day since the epidemic was first detected in Czechia last March. The same record was also registered in the incidence number for the past week, with an average of 1,061 cases per 100,000 people in the country. Currently, 5,652 people infected with the coronavirus are in hospital, of which 799 are in serious condition – the largest number registered since late April.

Statistically, Moravia and Silesia continue to be the most affected areas in what is starting to be referred to as the “fifth wave” of the epidemic. The weekly incidence number in the Olomouc Region exceeds 1,500 cases. Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Zlín Region the incidence number lies at 1,329. The least affected region is Karlovy Vary.

The number of tests taken this Tuesday, more than 111,000, was more than three times higher than on the same day last week.