Reaction to results

The weekend's election results - in particular the ruling Social Democrats' poor finish - were greeted as bad news for Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, who took over as chairman of his party in June. The regional and Senate elections were widely gauged as Mr Gross' first serious electoral challenge, a measure of public opinion ahead of parliamentary elections in two years' time. But, his party came up short and some notable Social Democrats have been unable to hide their disappointment.

Mr Gross has himself commented his party's performance by saying he was "not happy" with the results, although he added they were an improvement over his party's dismal finish in European parliamentary elections earlier in the year. Mr Gross also said the low voter turn-out, just shy of 30 percent, had benefited the other parties.

Finally, on Sunday Czech President Vaclav Klaus - who is honorary chairman of the Civic Democratic Party - also commented the election results by issuing a written statement saying that voters had sent an "extraordinarily important signal" to him and Czech society.

In the statement Mr Klaus said that the results of the elections showed the current coalition government was "not steering the country in the right direction".

Author: Jan Velinger