Rate of increase in new covid cases beginning to slow

The rate of increase in newly confirmed cases of coronavirus in Czechia is slowing down. In the last seven days, 16,916 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, about 2,200 more than the previous week, compared to the week before when the increase was double that.

Thursday was the first day that the numbers fell in a week-on-week comparison since the current wave of the virus in Czechia began in early June. The number of new cases was lower both in the week-on-week comparison and in comparison with the previous day. There were 2,558 new infections, 139 fewer than last Thursday and 418 fewer than Wednesday.

There are 1,170 people hospitalised with Covid according to Ministry of Health data, of which 38 are in a critical condition, six less than a week ago.

Author: Anna Fodor