Radio Prague running special reports to mark 60th anniversary of end of WWII

The reenactment of the battle in Ostrava, photo: CTK

Over the next week Radio Prague will be marking the 60th anniversary of the end of Word War II with a number of special reports, ranging from a trip to the English village where the Czechoslovak government in exile were based to the first military parade on Prague's Letna plain since the fall of communism.

The reenactment of the battle in Ostrava, photo: CTK
On Wednesday we visit Ostrava for a reenactment of the biggest battle which took place on Moravian soil, an event which attracted an estimated 60,000 spectators. The English village of Aston Abbots is our destination on Thursday, when we visit the base of the Czechoslovak government in exile.

The battle for the Czech Radio building
Saturday's programme will focus on how Czechs behaved during the war. Some say they were a cowardly nation which put up little resistance to invasion and subjugation, while others point to numerous acts of great heroism - we'll be looking at the more complex reality behind the stereotypes.

On Sunday we'll be concentrating on the numerous commemorations which are taking place, including a reenactment of a bloody battle for the Czech Radio building and the biggest military parade this country has seen since 1989. We'll also be reporting from Pilsen, which was liberated by the US Army.

And finally on Monday a special Talking Point will be devoted to the controversial expulsion of the country's German minority in the aftermath of the War.