Radio Prague editor-in-chief explains changes to new-look website

Gerald Schubert

It’s the first day of school, autumn is nearly upon us, and as you might have noticed there are changes too on the Radio Prague website. Radio Prague’s Editor-in-Chief Gerald Schubert came into the studio to explain what’s new and why.

Gerald Schubert
“We launched it today, and it’s quite a new, modern design. We actually chose to do it because as our listeners maybe know, we are part of public Czech Radio. Czech Radio has a certain corporate identity, and has a certain corporate identity on its websites as well, so we should adapt elements of the common design of Czech Radio in our website, and that’s what we did.”

OK, so what are some of the new things that our readers can expect from the site?

“Well, it’s nice that you say readers because actually what I want to refer to…”

I’m sorry, listeners!

“No, they are readers as well, but the thing I wanted to refer to was the audio performance of our website. Of course we have a lot of readers on our website, we will still present everything in text as well, but we have a new feature for listeners on the website, and that’s our own embedded player which means that listeners don’t need to have software on their computer. They don’t have to wait until a new window opens; they can just click on the player on our website and directly listen to the stories.”

Illustrative photo: Kristýna Maková
And just give us a reminder of how many people use the Radio Prague website, because it’s one of the most popular news sources about the Czech Republic on the internet.

“Definitely. We have to separate so-called ‘unique visits’ and articles read or listened to by people. We have about 800,000 unique visits a month in all our six language versions, and when it comes to opened articles it’s almost 1,500,000, which is really quite a lot. We’re one of the most important Czech news sources in the Czech Republic and I think the most important in the world.”