Radio Interior to Play Police Hits

Minister Stanislav Gross

This week the Czech media have reported on a unique radio station which is to emerge soon in the Czech Republic. The new project will kick off on the 8th of October and will compete with the 84 radio stations currently operating in the country.

What is unusual about this project is that it is funded by the Czech Ministry of Interior. Media experts say Radio Vnitro, or Radio Interior, as the new station will be called, is unique since no other country in the world has a radio station run by a state body. The radio will be on air 24 hours a day, half of the time will be spoken word, the rest music. The contents will be provided by the interior ministry and will include information from the police, fire department and other services, as well as interviews with ministry officials including Minister Gross himself. And where can you tune in to the new station? Well, Radio Interior will not block one of the scarce FM frequencies but will only be accessible on the internet through the ministrys website at Regardless of the contents, observers say the new project may have difficulties attracting an audience due to the fact that few people in the Czech Republic have an Internet connection fast enough to be able to listen to streaming sound.