Protestors in Nymburk demonstrate against Communist Party and president's attendance

Around 200 people gathered in Nymburk on Saturday morning to protest against the Communist Party as well as President Zeman, who attended the party's congress. More demonstrators are expected during the day, with as many as 600 having signed up to take part, the Czech News Agency wrote.

Protestors, the agency said, had carried signs with slogans reading "You should be ashamed", "Throw Miloš in the bin" and "Czechia isn't Russia" in opposition to the president's attendance at the convention as well as his pro-Russia policies. The crowd also shouted slogans against the communists, labeling the party the "same gang of people as always".

Organisers of the event also arranged for a tractor with a flatbed trailer to be parked from across from City Hall in Nymburk to be used as a pulpit of sorts by demonstrators, parodying similar communist-era practices and imagery.

Author: Jan Velinger