Prosecutor halts investigation into Babiš over alleged EU subsidy abuse

State prosecutor Jaroslav Šaroch has halted an investigation into Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and members of his family over the alleged abuse of European Union subsidies in connection with the Stork’s Nest hotel and conference centre near Prague, the newspaper Deník N reported on Monday, citing two people close to the case.

The daily said that Mr. Šaroch, who was due to conclude the matter by the end of August, had informed his superiors of the decision on Friday. It must still be approved by the leadership of the Prague municipal state attorney’s office.

Mr. Šaroch’s superiors must now go through the entire case file, which contains over 20,000 pages, Deník N said.

Mr. Babiš has been facing charges of abusing CZK 50 million in EU grants since October 2017 but has always denied any wrongdoing. His wife, daughter, brother-in-law and two other associates have also been under investigation.

The PM said on Sunday that he believed the investigation would be dropped. He said he would remain in government even if the prosecutor had acted on police advice and filed criminal charges against him.

Author: Ian Willoughby

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  • Centre-right opposition parties sign alliance memorandum for 2021 elections


    The leaders of the Civic Democrats, Christian Democrats and the TOP 09 party met at the statue of former president T.G. Masaryk on Tuesday morning to sign a memorandum on forming an alliance for next year’s 2021 elections into the Chamber of Deputies.

    A similar coalition is currently being negotiated between the opposition Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independents.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Jan Blatný to become new health minister on Thursday


    The Deputy Director of the Faculty Hospital in Brno Jan Blatný, will succeed Roman Prymula as Czech health minister. The official inauguration will take place on Thursday mid-day, President Miloš Zeman's spokesman Jiří Ovčáček announced after Mr. Blatný met with President Miloš Zeman in the latter's Lány residence on Tuesday afternoon.

    News site broke the story on Monday that Mr. Blatný was the proposed replacement for Mr. Prymula, citing a source familiar with the ongoing negotiations. However, Mr. Blatný can only assume office once he is approved by the president.

    Jan Blatný is a pediatrician and hematologist. He has previously served as the Chief Physician at the Faculty Hospital in Brno and lectures at the Medical Faculty of the Masaryk University in Brno. He faced controversy during the spring first wave of the coronavirus pandemic from the NGO League of Human Rights, because he did not allow the parents of coronavirus infected children visits.

    The current health minister, Roman Prymula, is set to leave office after being dismissed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš for breaking the government’s coronavirus measures. He was caught visiting a Prague restaurant last Wednesday.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Weather


    Wednesday is set to be cloudy, with temperatures around 11 degrees Celsius. No rainfall is expected.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • State of pandemic means Czech schools have to remain closed, says health minister


    Czech schools will not reopen at the beginning of next week, Health Minister Roman Prymula announced on Tuesday. This despite an earlier promise that primary schools would definitely re-open from November 2. He said that the government will decide on when it plans to reopen schools after reviewing data towards the end of this week.

    Both the opposition and the current Minister of Education Robert Plaga have cticisised the delay, saying that it is necessary to provide information on when schools will reopen now.

    Czech schools, including primary education facilities, have been closed in the Czech Republic since October 14, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which is regularly reaching new height in terms of infections and numbers of hospitalised. Classes are currently being taught via distance learning.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Government proposes extending state of emergency to December 3


    The Czech government has proposed that the current state of emergency be extended until December 3, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš announced on Tuesday. The proposal will have to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies, which is set to discuss the issue on Friday morning.

    The prime minister said that the extension was necessary to keep the several emergency measures, that have been put in place  to curb the spread of COVID-19, in place.

    The Czech Republic has been in a state of emergency since October 5. It is currently among the most affected countries in Europe by the pandemic.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Care home residents to receive fast coronavirus tests, says labour minister


    Czech social services have successfully tested the use of antigenic COVID-19 tests (sometimes also referred to as fast coronavirus tests), Labour and Social Affairs Minister Jana Maláčová announced on Tuesday. The tests are to be used for wide-range testing of senior citizens in social facilities, such as pensioner homes.

    Antigenic tests take around 15 minutes to provide a result. However, they are also less reliable than standard testing. According to Minister of Health Roman Prymula, the tests will be used in social facilities such as pensioner homes, because they will be able to indicate the level of spread faster than normal PCR testing. The second, more reliable wave of tests would then follow.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Hundreds of police to be deployed during October 28 protests against coronavirus measures


    Hundreds of police officers are set to be deployed to monitor demonstrations in the centre of Prague, planned on the occasion of the creation of the independent Czechoslovak state on October 28. Protests and associated events are planned on the Náměstí Republiky square, on Old Town Square and in the area of Klárov. Their primary goal is to protest against the ongoing government measures that restrict movement and have closed most shops and restaurants to curb the spread of COVID-19.

    A previous protest against coronavirus measures, which took place less than two weeks ago, ended in a violent clash between protestors and the police. However, Prague Municipal Police spokesman Jan Daněk has said that the local police force does not expect this to happen on Wednesday.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Adam Sandler to star in adaptation of Spaceman in Bohemia book


    The popular American comedy director Adam Sandler has signed a contract to play the main role in an upcoming Netflix  movie based on Czech writer Jaroslav Kalfař’s 2017 book Spaceman of Bohemia. The film is set to be directed by Emmy Award winning Swedish director Johan Renck, with the screenplay being written by Colby Day.

    The plot of the book’s story revolves around a Czech astronaut sent on a one-man mission to the planet Venus, where he has to gather “intergalactic dust”. Along the journey he runs into a giant arachnid and a competing Russian mission to the planet.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe
  • Czech Centres to stream Dvořák's New World Symphony on Czechoslovak Independence Day


    Celebrations of Czechoslovak Independence Day have been severely curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic and events marking the establishment of Czechoslovakia on October 28, 1918 have had to go online both here in the Czech Republic and abroad.

    In a celebration aimed at reaching Czechs and friends of the Czech Republic worldwide the Czech Centres network will stream the historical recording of Dvořák's New World Symphony under the baton of conductor Václav Neumann. The start is scheduled for 6 pm CET. For more information go to

  • Slight drop in Covid-19 cases registered on Monday


    The Czech Republic registered 10.273 cases of Covid-19 infections on Monday, which is a drop from last week’s highs of 15,000, but is still the highest Monday figure registered since the start of the epidemic in March.

    Currently over 162,000 people are fighting the infection. Over 5,600 people are hospitalized, of which over 800 are in a serious condition. 2365 people have died.

    The reproduction figure has dropped slightly to 1.3, down from 1.5 at the start of October.