Prime minister targets Tlustý, calls Morava “more a victim, than a perpetrator”

In a different twist in the story on Friday, Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek suggested that Jan Morava is "more a victim than a perpetrator" in the breaking scandal. He called on MP Vlastimil Tlustý – a noted rebel within his party – to step down in connection with the case. The prime minister criticised Mr Tlustý for actively cooperating with reporters in their investigation. The MP agreed to take part in staged photographs to create fake “damaging” material. The subject of the photos was a “clandestine” meeting with an anonymous young woman at a hotel. The prime minister called Mr Tlustý’s cooperation with reporters on the story unacceptable; he also said that the media had no right to make use what he termed an "agent-provocateur".

Author: Jan Velinger