Prices of postal services increase as of September

The Czech Postal Service has increased prices of its services as of September the 1st. A domestic stamp for a regular letter or postcard now costs 6 crowns 40 hellers, which is one crown more than before. Sending a registered letter costs 17 crowns, three crowns more than before. Ceska posta, or the Czech Postal Service, expects to earn an extra 250,000,000 crowns thanks to this latest price increase and the company plans to use the money for investments which annually amount to some 1 billion crowns.

Ceska posta has not raised prices of inland services for two and a half years and had originally asked for permission for a price hike of 17 percent.

Ceska posta posted a gross profit of almost 750 million crowns last year on revenues of 14.5 billion. It operates 3,400 post offices and employs 40,000 people.