Press Review

All Czech daily newspapers today mention the re-introduction of British immigration controls. Most of the papers also mention the horrifying case of two packages containing human body parts that have arrived at a Brno post office. Police expect more such packages to come as the body is as yet not complete.

Today's LIDOVE NOVINY compares the coming political season with the national football league. The paper writes that like in the league the entire season will be hard fought but in the end there will be only one victor who will take election glory. The paper also provides odds on the finishing position of all the teams!

LIDOVE NOVINY see the main opposition Civic Democrat Party of Vaclav Klaus as odds on favourite. The paper says that the ruling Social Democrats may face some difficulties as their current leader, Prime Minister Milos Zeman, will be departing the team. Although the opposition right-of-centre Four-party coalition seems to be constantly on the verge of falling asunder, the paper says, it is still in with a chance.

Nevertheless, LIDOVE NOVINY concludes, whatever the outcome, the end of the competition will not signal time off for the teams as they will have to cooperate on various issues, such as the election of a new president and accession to the European Union.

PRAVO brings a worrying report on an increase of children using violence against their parents. The paper quotes experts on family violence as saying that the increase has been caused by a general rise of violence in society.

Psychologist Jan Cimicky told PRAVO that current lifestyles stimulate a growth in anxiety and aggressiveness among many people and he says the origin of this in problem lies with a basic lack of communication. As an example, he mentions a common situation in politics, when two politicians often continue with two monologues when dialogue would be a much better option.

MLADA FRONTA DNES advises its readers that the current setting of interest rates in banks are more favourable for those who want to borrow than for those who want to save. According to the newspaper, now it is the best time to take out a mortgage as the fierce competition between banks has knocked prices down considerably.

The business daily HOSPODARSKE NOVINY reports that the Czech police department for the investigation of corruption and serious crime has been looking into the activities of Czech businessman Viktor Kozeny, often known as the Pirate of Prague for his unscrupulous business practices. An investigator is quoted as saying that there were some dubious transactions carried out by Kozeny during his sale of the Czech merchant navy.

And back to PRAVO, where the paper writes that the Czech hydro-meteorological institute has launched a website with up-to-the minute reports on thunderstorms on Czech territory. The site uses data from the Central European Lightening Detection System and makes it possible to monitor thunderstorms in real-time.