Press: former top officials implicated in high-level corruption case

Former High State Attorney in Prague, Vlastimil Rampula, former deputy interior minister Michal Moroz and current MP for the Dawn party Radim Fiala are among those implicated in a high-profile corruption case which led to the fall of PM Petr Nečas’ government in June, the news agency ČTK reported on Sunday citing Monday’s edition of the weekly Euro. The magazine quotes a report by an supervising state attorney for the Constitutional Court. The report says the former officials took part in manipulating the selection process for positions within the police and state prosecution. The weekly alleges that the former officials worked in the pay of Ivo Ritting, a Prague entrepreneur who is in the centre of the investigation.

The case also implicated former PM Petr Nečas’ chief-of-staff, Jana Nagyová, who allegedly ordered officers of the country’s military intelligence to spy on Mr Nečas’ then wife. The scandal led to the fall of Petr Nečas’ government in June.

Author: Jan Richter