President Klaus: Lisbon will probably enter into force

The Czech president, Václav Klaus, has said that the EU’s Lisbon treaty has progressed too far to be stopped. Mr Klaus told the daily Lidové Noviny on Saturday that although he did not consider the treaty to be a good thing for the Czech Republic or Europe, "the train has travelled too far and too fast" and it would not be possible to stop it. The Czech president also said he would not withhold the reform treaty’s ratification in anticipation of the next British elections.

The Czech Republic is the last EU member state not to have ratified the Lisbon treaty. The country’s Constitutional Court is scheduled to rule on whether the document is in line with Czech law on October 27. However, earlier this moth Václav Klaus said he would not complete the ratification unless the Czech Republic is granted an exception form the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights concerning possible property claims from ethnic Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia after WWII.

Author: Jan Richter