President in Christmas message: Czechs should back out of Green Deal

In his traditional Christmas message to the nation, President Miloš Zeman said 2021 had not been a good year, bringing an increased threat of international terrorism following the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, a drawn-out global health crisis precipitated by Covid and looming problems relating to the Green Deal.

With regard to the Covid pandemic, the president expressed support for compulsory vaccination as the only way out of the protected health crisis.

With regard to the Green Deal, the president said it was responsible for the rising energy prices, and warned that, unless the government backed out of it, it would undermine the economy and lower living standards in the country.

Mr. Zeman also suggested a solution to the country’s excessive budget deficit, saying that if the new government lifted all tax exemptions it would save 380 billion crowns and give the nation a balanced budget, which would not burden future generations.