Preliminary results indicate SPOLU coalition has highest gains in Prague

Preliminary results from the Czech metropolis Prague show that the SPOLU coalition has the highest gains with 24 percent of the votes, followed by the ANO party with 20 percent, the Pirate Party with 18 percent, Praha Sobe with 14 percent and Mayors and Independents with 7 percent.

Patrik Nacher, ANO’s election leader in Prague, said his task would be to boost the party’s coalition potential in Prague and bring it out of isolation. SPOLU earlier stated its intention to try to form a coalition without ANO.

AN0 has won hands down in Ostrava, Pardubice, Zlín and Hradec Králové, but in the country’s second largest city Brno it is in second place behind a coalition of the Civic Democrats and TOP 09.