Prague's tourist attractions fully accessible to tourists

Charles Bridge, photo: CTK

One of Prague's main tourist attractions, the famous Charles Bridge has reopened to public again after being closed for two weeks due to the floods. It is just one example how quickly historic Czech towns and cities were able to recover from the devastating floods to be able to welcome tourists again. Vladimir Tax has the details.

Charles Bridge
Prague's medieval Charles Bridge, the destination of all tourists visiting the Czech capital, re-opened to normal pedestrian traffic on Wednesday at 10 am. The bridge, a masterpiece of medieval architecture, was built in 1357 by an ingenious architect and engineer Petr Parler who was one of the best builders and one of the best architects and technicians of his time. Although it suffered damaged by floods in the past centuries, the bridge survived the recent - almost unprecedented floods - completely undamaged. The Town Hall delayed re-opening it to public until the lower, adjacent areas have been cleaned of mud and debris.

The recent devastating floods have had a serious impact on the incoming tourist industry. Experts say as much as 60 to 70 percent of tourists cancelled their trips to the Czech Republic due to the floods. However, the main tourist destinations in the Czech Republic are quickly recovering from the disaster and there are no substantial limitations as to what places foreign tourists can visit.

Charles Bridge
Vladimir Dolejs is a member of the board of directors of the Czech Association of Travel Agencies and the general manager of DC Service, one of the biggest Czech incoming tour operators.

"As far as I know, the situation is going to be better every day or every hour because Karlovy Vary is open for tourists, Cesky Krumlov is going to be open, and in Prague, you can see the situation - all the places except for Kampa, all the places in the historic parts of Prague are open and I think they are very good for tourists because there are not so many people here and everything is open, everything is in sunshine... I am sure people can come and spend very nice holidays here in Prague."