Prague's Jiri Svestka Gallery presents American conceptual film

Sunday saw a small celebration at the Jiri Svestka Gallery in central Prague. The American artist Stephen Prina unveiled his new conceptual film Vinyl II, and Radio Prague's Alena Skodova was there.

Under the name Vinyl II, Stephen Prina has created a unique composition combining music, performance and film. It focuses on the display of art in public institutions, from old masters to contemporary artists. Vinyl II is a unique attempt to juxtapose the cultural space of the museum and its existing collection, with a self-created musical score and recognizable allusions to modern art.

Stephen Prina explained to me how had his film come into existence: So what is the main idea of the film, based on paintings by the Flemish artist Gerrit van Honthorst and the French 17th century painter Georges De La Tour? Stephen Prina again: Vinyl II has already been shown in several European cities, mostly in Germany, and so when I talked to the gallery's director, Jiri Svestka, I asked him how had he learned about the film and what would happen to it now?