Prague's international airport steps up security

Prague's Ruzyne international airport has stepped up security following the news on Thursday of thwarted terrorist attacks that were to have targeted US bound planes from Britain. The additional security measures concern primarily flights bound for Great Britain and the US, and are in effect. Passport and security clearance have been tightened and passengers are no longer allowed to take liquids or gels on board. A spokeswoman for the airport recommended that anyone travelling to either Great Britain or the US arrive well in advance of boarding - at least two hours before take off.

A number of flights from Prague to London were cancelled on Thursday as London's Heathrow airport closed to traffic. Also on Thursday: Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek met with the heads of Czech Intelligence and requested the activation of a special team which will monitor the situation and coordinate security measures. The Czech Intelligence Service has issued a statement saying there is no direct threat to the Czech Republic at present.

Author: Jan Velinger