'Prague- Unique Heart of Europe' exhibition at Old Town Hall


The Old Town Hall in the centre of Prague is one of the city's main tourist attractions and a frequent venue for all kinds of different exhibitions. Currently underway is one which depicts the development of the Czech capital throughout its 1000 year-old history. The exhibition is called 'Prague - the Unique Heart of Europe', and it's being held to mark the 10th anniversary of Prague's inclusion in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites. Architect Ladislav Honeiser from the Department of Prague's regional development explained why.

From the beginning of May, the medieval castle Helfstyn near the town of Prerov in Northern Moravia will be illuminated at night. The illuminated historical site, which until recently was surrounded by deep woods which made it totally invisible, can now be seen from quite a distance, including a frequently used road from Lipnik to the town of Hranice. The illumination cost the castle administration several hundred thousands crowns, but the castle warden Marcela Kleckerova said although they did not want the castle to shine in the distance like an amusement park, it would be a pity if it was not lit up. The illumination only underlines the castle ruin's mystical appearance. But it is not the only site in the Prerov region to be illuminated : a unique historical viaduct near the town of Jezernice is also to be lit up at night. It's a historical technical site, over 400 metres long, which dates back to the year 1847, and the town plans to illuminate it as of May 24th.