Prague under high-security alert

The Czech capital, Prague, is in its second day of a high-alert security watch. Special security measures were enacted at 4am on Saturday, after an extraordinary session of the Czech cabinet decided to increase security measures in the capital city because of a possible terrorist threat. Prague's Ruzyne airport has implemented what are being described as "massive security measures," though no flights have been cancelled. The city centre and other possible targets are also being patrolled by additional specialized police units, and the police chief says that there is no need to call for the army's assistance at this time. Surveillance in the city is assisted by 1100 cameras, 600 of which are in the metro system. Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer has stressed that it is the first time that the Czech Republic faces such a concrete threat.

The daily Pravo's on-line service, Novinky, reports that the terrorist threat is related to the Jewish New Year, and that Prague's Jewish district of Josefov likely faces the most serious threat. Speaking at a press conference, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said that he would neither deny nor confirm the reports. Authorities have said that the situation in the Czech capital is connected to Friday's developments in Norway, where four men were arrested and police are said to have uncovered a terrorist plot to bomb the Israeli and American embassies in Norway.