Prague protest over Covid-19 restrictions draws thousands

A Prague protest against government measures related to the coronavirus pandemic drew up to 3,000 people to Old Town Square, according to police estimates. The demonstration was organized in part by the Svobodní political party under the banner Let's Open the Czech Republic.

Protesters called on to open pubs, restaurants and other business with many calling on the government to resign. Most did not wear facemasks or maintain prescribed social distancing.

Among those who addressed the crowd was singer Daniel Landa, who called for non-violent protest. He said if the State of Emergency were extended after 22 January he could imagine civil disobedience ensuing.

Former President Vaclav Klaus also appeared on the stage later in the afternoon. He said that “dictates from the government must stop” along with restrictions “fundamentally damaging our lives”.

Klaus also argued that vaccination must not be compulsory, claiming he himself would not be vaccinated.

Author: Brian Kenety