Prague Pride parade draws over 30,000

The ninth edition of the week-long Prague Pride festival celebrating sexual minorities culminated on Saturday afternoon with a massive parade through the Czech capital.

Despite the rain, organisers said more than 30,000 people turned out to watch or take part in the colorful event, marked by wild costumes and floats.

Among the marchers in procession under the rainbow flag from Wenceslas Square to Letná Park, on the other side of the Vltava River, were representatives from 11 embassies. They marched under the banner Diplomats for Equality.

The festival’s theme this year is ‘Together Within Reach’. It notes that 50 years since the birth of the gay rights, in the Stonewall protests in New York, many same-sex couples still shy from public displays of affection due to intolerance.

For the first time this year, the LGBT rainbow flag will be flown at the city’s Town Hall in support of the Prague Pride festival. After the parade, a dance party will continue in the Letná Park area.

Author: Brian Kenety