Prague plans social and cultural events ahead of EU presidency

Prague City Hall has prepared a series of special cultural events including music, theatre, exhibitions and lectures to mark the occasion of the six-month Czech presidency of the EU Council, starting on July 1. The events are planned for the week prior, Prague Mayor Zdenek Hříb told journalists on Wednesday. The streets of Prague will also be graced with a special "Eurotram", designed by students. The whole programme can be found on the City Hall web page Prague meets Europe.

The events kick off on June 24, when the deputy mayor of Paris will symbolically hand over the EU presidency to the Prague mayor at Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square) in the centre of Prague. After that, they will both attend a public debate about the cooperation between Paris, Prague and Stockholm, with Sweden due to take up the EU presidency after Czechia. Part of the square will then transform into an outdoor cinema screening French, Swedish and Czech movies, and it will also host a small French-cuisine festival.

Author: Anna Fodor