Prague mayor meets with representatives of speed limit demonstrators

Prague City Hall officials met with representatives of the Last generation (Poslední generace) protest movement on Thursday, the city’s mayor, Bohuslav Svoboda, informed via Twitter. The movement, has organised several demonstrative blockades, or gatherings as they claim, in the Czech capital in recent months, demanding that speed limits be lowered in Prague to 30 kilometres an hour.

Mr Svoboda stated that it was on individual districts to decide their own speed limits and that they were the main party to turn to in this regard. However, he added that City Hall is proposing setting up the position of a commissioner tasked with calming traffic in the capital who would act as an intermediary between the parties.

Representatives of the protest group said after the meeting that their gatherings had little impact on Prague traffic and that the mayor had asked them to write down their specific requests that would lead to a discussion on the issue.