Prague Integration Centre adds several new features to its Praguer app for foreigners

Photo: archive of Prague Integration Centre

Since 2017, foreigners living in the Czech Republic have been able to download the Praguer app, which offers important information for anyone getting started in the capital. The app, which is run by the Integration Centre in Prague and co-financed by City Hall has now launched a new 2.0 version. I asked the Integration Centre’s Information Specialist Michaela Neuhöferová about what is new in Praguer.

“The most significant change that users are likely to notice is in the app's graphic design. Besides this, we added three languages, hypertext links and an interactive map which enables the filtering of the searched institutions. Furthermore, we added a new topic for users which features volunteering opportunities.”

You mentioned the three new languages. These are Ukranian, Chinese and Arabic. Why these three?

“Yes, we added these three languages to the Russian, Vietnamese, English and Czech languages that are already on offer in Praguer.

Photo: archive of Prague Integration Centre

“As for the reasons, the Ukranian community is the biggest non-EU community in the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, integration for the Chinese and Arabic communities is really hard because their culture and languages are very different. These people are often the clients of the Integration Centre in Prague and that is why we also added these languages.

How many people are using your app and what do people use it mostly for?

“Right now we have more than 12,000 downloads of the application.

“The most popular topics are Czech language courses, social security details and information on Prague municipal institutions, because people need to know where they have to go to solve basic problems such as when getting a parking ticket and registering their address or marriage. Residency inquiries are also frequent.”

Aside from state and municipal institutions, who can offer their services on your app?

“Since we are a non-profit organisation, we offer free-of-charge services to foreigners. Therefore, if someone offers free-of-charge services, we will be happy to add it to the application.”

The Praguer app can be downloaded on both Apple iOS and Android using devices. The link to app can be found here: