Prague to improve services for homeless with numbers projected to triple within seven years

In related news, Prague is set to increase the capacity of shelters and drop-in centres for the homeless by the year 2020, the Czech News Agency reported. The city authorities will also put more effort into resocialising the homeless, invest in social and starter flats and expand field programmes, under a new plan due to be discussed by the city council in the coming weeks. Around 4,000 people currently live on the streets of the Czech capital, though that number is projected to increase to as many as 13,000 within seven years, according to the authors of the plan. Tapestry tribute to Václav Havel unveiled at airport

A large tapestry dedicated to the late former president Václav Havel was unveiled at Prague’s recently renamed Václav Havel Airport on Sunday. The French-made tapestry is based on a painting created by the award-winning Czech-born artist Petr Sís and originally published in the newspaper Hospodářské noviny on the day of Mr. Havel’s funeral last December. The work was the idea of the organisation Art for Amnesty and has been funded by a group of admirer’s of Czechoslovakia’s first post-Communist president, including rock stars such as Sting and members of U2.

Author: Ian Willoughby