Prague drops 2020 summer Olympics bid

The city of Prague has decided to drop its bid to host the 2020 summer Olympic Games. City officials said on Tuesday that under the current economic circumstances, City Hall wanted to focus on mitigating the effects of the crisis. Radio Prague spoke to Alexandr Kliment of the Czech Olympic Committee to find out how they feel about the decision.

“The Czech Olympic Committee respects the decision of the city of Prague and we understand the reasons behind this decision. But on the other hand, we must say that national Olympic committees must support the organizing of Olympic Games in their respective countries. However the project must be supported by the major political parties, and it must be meaningful for the country.”

Prague already spent some 70 million crowns, or more than 3.6 million US dollars, on several studies and analysis related to the bid. Do you think that any of them can be used in a future bid?

“Yes, of course. First, it was great promotion for the city. Prague also got some idea about what it means to host the Olympic Games, and we can continue with the project. So the money was spent in a useful way.”

Do you have any idea about when the project might be revived? City officials quoted economic reasons but once the crisis is over and Czech economy starts performing well again, when do you Prague could run to host the games?

“I have to say that the Czech Olympic Committee is not the organizer. The organizer would be the city of Prague. Once Prague decides to revive the project, the Czech Olympic Committee is ready to render its support. So the question is not when we think the time will come to revive the project but when Prague thinks so.”