Prague court rejects former Jazz Section head’s suit against Jaroslav Hutka over StB allegation

A Prague court has rejected a lawsuit by historian Karel Srp against folk singer Jaroslav Hutka for claiming that he had collaborated with the communist-era secret police (StB) and informed on him.

Srp, a former dissident who led the Jazz Section cultural organisation and published works by persecuted artists and samizdat material, denies the charge is demanding an apology. He plans to appeal the court decision.

Hutka had made the allegation after President Miloš Zeman nominated Srp to join the Council of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

A court ruled in 2000 that Srp’s name had wrongfully been listed in StB records. But former members of the pre-1989 underground maintain he did inform on them, as indicated in public records. ÚSTR researchers have also said Srp’s cooperation with the StB is clearly documented in the archives.

Author: Brian Kenety