Prague court confirms Russian hacker can be extradited to US

Prague’s High Court confirmed on Friday that Russian hacker Yevgeny Nikulin can be extradited to the United States; the 30-year-old hacker was arrested by Czech police in October 2016 on an international warrant. Mr Nikulin is also sought by Moscow. Prague’s Municipal Court earlier ruled that requests made by Russia and the US for extradition were both valid.

Mr Nikulin is wanted by the FBI in connection with a hack of LinkedIn in which the passwords of more than 100 million users of the professional networking service were compromised. Russia applied to have Nikulin extradited to Moscow in connection with a 2009 internet theft of 3,450 US dollars. The final extradition decision will be made by the Justice Minister; Mr Nikulin is reportedly considering filing a complaint with the Constitutional Court.

Author: Jan Velinger