Prague court adjourns Trdlo trademark dispute over ‘Czech’ pastry trdelník

The Municipal Court in Prague has adjourned negotiations on the use of the Trdlo trademark, the business daily Hospodářské noviny reports.

The name “Trdlo” is being used by several vendors selling a form of coal-roasted, rolled cinnamon bun known as the “trdelník”. Although marketed, in particular to tourists, as a traditional old Czech pastry, in fact it was inspired by a Carpathian snack only recently.

Trdlo trademark owner Petr Boček is suing the companies DMJ and Staropražské tradiční trdlo, which, he claims, have been abusing the name for several years. Boček registered the “trdlo for pastry” in 2004.

Hospodářské noviny reports that his competitors registered their products only after Boček filed a lawsuit. In addition, the companies registered only paper napkins under the name Trdlo, not the pastry itself.

Author: Brian Kenety