Prague Antique Fair celebrates Czechoslovak centenary with exceptional collection


Twice a year Prague’s New Town Hall hosts the city’s biggest antique fair. This year´s autumn edition of the traditional event, held from November 15th to November 18th, is dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Czechoslovakia. The main theme is transformation of Czech design in the course of the past century.

The antique fair traditionally presents antique jewels as well as gemstones and small collectors’ items, which are not only exceptional pieces of art, but serve as a good investment. Many are antique family jewels with a long history that their owners were forced to sell after fleeing from wars or revolutions in their native country.

This autumn is perceived as somewhat exceptional and the 60 expositions as well the accompanying program of the fair will focus on iconic works and the most influential Czech designers such as Ladislav Sutnar, Adolf Loos, Josef Gočár or Pavel Janák. Visitor will be able to admire and buy jewels, gemstones, paintings, graphics, porcelain, ceramics and glass objects, as well as antique furniture, weapons and fashion pieces.

Antique Fair is organized by the Antique Dealers Association of the Czech Republic

Venue: Exhibition hall Novoměstská radnice

Opening hours:

15.–17. 11. 2018 10am–7pm

18. 11. 2018 10am–5pm

The Association of Antique Dealers has organized these fairs for 25 years now and, to mark the occasion, it is offering a commemorative collectors’ coin depicting Emperor Rudolf II, a patron of the arts and himself an avid collector.

The items at the bi-annual antique fair are traditionally put together by antique dealers from around the country, who show and sell the best of what they have to offer. The fair gets around 15,000 visitors on average.