Popular singer-songwriter gives fans gift of free Christmas album


One of the Czech Republic's best loved singer-songwriters Jaromir Nohavica has just released a new Christmas album. The online collection features songs for all the family and, in keeping with the seasonal tradition of giving, it is completely free.

The album is entitled Od Jarka pod stromecek, which literally translates as From Jarek under the Tree (I suppose we'd simply say A Christmas Present from Jarek).

There are tracks for all the family - the songs have subtitles such as "for grandmother". The collection can be downloaded from Nohavica's official website. There you will also find a colour CD cover, featuring a 1956 photograph of Nohavica, then three years old, opening presents in front of the Christmas tree with his parents.

By the way, it's not the first free album music Jaromir Nohavica has put online this year. He also gave fans the opportunity to download a collection of songs he recorded at various venues in Prague in January.