Pop singer Michal David to receive state honours

President Miloš Zeman will present pop singer Michal David with state honours on October 28, the day marking the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s founding.

David, whose birth name is Vladimír Štancl, studied at the Prague Conservatory in the 1970s where he formed a jazz band. He became a major pop star in the 1980s with synthesizer-heavy disco tunes such as “Non stop”.

His made a comeback in 1998 when he composed and sang the "hymn" for the Czech national ice hockey team, which that year won the Nagano Winter Olympics. Since then, he has composed and produced several hit musicals.

Zeman said in an interview with the tabloid Blesk that he would be honouring David for his life’s work in making Czech people’s lives better.

Author: Brian Kenety