Poll: vast majority of Czechs dissatisfied with political situation

A sweeping 88% majority of Czechs are dissatisfied with the general political situation in the Czech Republic according to a survey published by the Median polling agency. According to Median, the postponement of early elections until next year has played a major part in that dissatisfaction. Respondents said that the politician who best handled the early-election crisis was President Václav Klaus, giving him a below-average grade of 3.1 on a five point scale. Civic Democratic party chairman Mirek Topolánek got the worst result in this regard with a grade of four. More than two-thirds of those polled also suggested that the ambiguous political situation in the Czech Republic will damage its position in Europe.

Mr Topolánek’s centre-right government was toppled by a lost confidence vote in the spring and was replaced by an interim technocratic government. Early elections scheduled for October of 2009 were declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court and put back to their original timeline, leaving the Czech Republic with a caretaker government until that time.