Poll suggests support for coalition and opposition waning in favour of smaller parties

Andrej Babiš's ANO party would have won parliamentary elections with 32 percent of the vote if they had taken place in March, the latest Median poll indicates. Prime Minister Petr Fiala's Civic Democrat (ODS) party would have come in second with 14 percent and their government coalition partners the Pirates would have been not far behind with 10.5 percent.

The opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) would have gained seven percent of the vote and government coalition partners the Mayors and Independents (STAN) six percent. The other two parties making up the five-party government coalition, TOP 09 and the Christian Democrats, would not have passed the minimum five percent threshold needed to make it into parliament, the first time in a year that TOP 09 would have found itself with no parliamentary representation.

Meanwhile, support has grown for parties that currently do not hold any seats in parliament, such as the Communist party, PRO 2022, and the Greens.

Author: Anna Fodor