Poll: PM Andrej Babiš remains most popular politician

A June poll by the STEM agency shows Prime Minister Andrej Babiš remains the country’s most popular politician, with 47 per cent of eligible voters giving him a favourable rating. Jaroslav Faltýnek, the deputy chairman of the ANO movement which Mr Babiš founded, ranked second at 38 per cent.

STEM said that the poll results show there are still no "political stars" on the current scene viewed positively by the majority of the people.

Rounding out the top five spots are three opposition party chairmen: Ivan Bartoš of the Pirate Party at 36 per cent, Tomio Okamura of the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD) at 35 per cent, and Vojtěch Filip of the Communists (KSČM) at 33 per cent.

Jan Hamáček, the party chairman of the Social Democrats – ANO’s junior coalition partner in the minority government formed in July – placed sixth, at 31 per cent.

Author: Brian Kenety