Poll: Green Party enough support to make it into parliament

The Green Party has enough voters' support to gain seats in Parliament, the result of an opinion poll suggests. The poll, conducted by the STEM agency, says the party would gain 5.6% of votes if elections were held this month. The opposition right-of-centre Civic Democrats continue to lead the poll (28.6%), while the Social Democrats, the senior partners in the ruling coalition, remain in second place (24.5%), though with 2.7% less than last month.

Compared to January, the poll also suggests that the Communists (15.3%) have gained over 2 percent more voters. The only other party that would make it into Parliament is the junior ruling coalition Christian Democratic Party (6.4%). The Freedom Union (the third party in the governing coalition) would only gain 0.3% of voters' support.

Author: Dita Asiedu