Poll: Czechs remain reluctant to forgive Germany for the Munich annexation

Czechs remain reluctant to forgive Germany for its annexation of its Sudeten territories in 1938 – as a result of the notorious Munich agreement. The information comes in a new poll carried out by the Meridian polling agency. According to figures provided by the organisation, 39% said they are not ready to forgive Germany, 22.7% said they were, while 22.1% said they did not know. However, when broken down by age-group, the results paint a different picture. Of those aged between 55-64, 71% said they could not forgive Germany, while for under-24s, the answer was only 22%. In a separate question, 51.8% of respondents answered that the post-War expulsion of around 3 million Germans from Czechoslovakia was the correct action.

Author: Dominik Jůn